Game of Squash
Squash is a fun, competitive and dynamic game that can be played by all. The fundamentals are easy to pick up at any age and it is a great sport to experience with family, friends or work colleagues.

Squash was rated the # 1 healthiest sport in an article in Forbes Lifestyle magazine - ‘Squash provides an impressive cardio workout, with just 30 minutes of play burning over 500 calories. Constant movement builds muscular strength and endurance, and dynamic lunging and turning promotes flexibility’.

Squash at Reflex
We already have a growing squash program with a mix of male and female players from as young as 8 years old to some of our more experienced players still enjoying the sport well over 60yrs! We have a range of ability levels at the club including visiting world class professionals, national ranked junior players, and many players just starting to develop a passion for the game.

We hold a club night every Wednesday evening, open to all ability levels and this is a great way for new members to meet other members of the club. During holiday periods we often put on additional ‘round robin’ match-play events, which always prove popular.

We have an active squash ladder which generates healthy competition amongst our players and helps them find partners of similar ability level.

Coaching Programs
Coaching at the club is currently available.


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