Every member is entitled to a free induction which is tailored to meet your personal health and fitness aspirations.

We have a well balanced range of cardiovascular machines on our mezzanine including Life Fitness treadmills, upright and recumbent bikes, and the fit stride total body trainers. In addition we have Cybex Arcs and Total Body Arcs which provide the next generation in cross-training and have won best product awards for 2 years in a row. To provide you with a full set of CV training options we also have the latest Concept II rowing ergometers and the challenging Versaclimber.

The majority of our strength training equipment is located on the lower floor and includes a full range of FreeMotion resistance machines. FreeMotion equipment has taken strength training to the next step, not only working large muscle groups typically exercised, but also targets all of the deep muscles, joint stabilizers and core muscles essential in everyday life. In addition we have a full range of dumbbells and adjustable benches; a hammer strength power rack for squatting, pressing, pull-ups and Olympic lifting exercises; and a full range of medicine balls, stability balls and other functional training equipment.

Whatever your fitness level or training style we have the best equipment for you to achieve your goals.

Classes - Classes take place in our beautifully appointed studio which provides the ideal environment for intimate and personalized small group classes.

Experience the latest Schwinn Evolution SR bikes in a fun dynamic class to high powered music, suitable for all fitness levels.

Learn the fundamentals of Yoga and improve both your physical and mental well being in a class which is a great addition to anyone’s weekly exercise program.

Classes are open to non-members. Call for more information on class times and to reserve your place – 302.888.1415.

Personal Training
Looking to improve your knowledge of how to work out safely and effectively, along with new ideas to add variety and motivation to your workout program? Then consider treating yourself to a training session, moving you closer to your own personal goals.


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